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Monica Aben

Raised in a varied musical household – her mother was a professional Polynesian dancer and her father was a vinyl enthusiast – Monica considers herself emotional, but not damaged.

A Venice, CA native, Monica found that her desire to share her feelings and connect with her audience in a mutual way wasn’t being met on larger stages. So, she was led to create The Sweatpants Series. It’s the new wave for a sentimental community: an intimate setting for introverts and artists alike to come together and be reminded of the relative comfort in which we live our lives.

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Formerly known as Daphne Khoo, Haneri first found music success in Singapore where the Australian Chinese singer came in 3rd runner up on the pioneer season of Singapore Idol.

She has since performed on a wide range of stages from intimate showcases partnering with Starbucks Singapore to the biggest arena in Singapore for the opening of the SEA Games in 2015.

Her full length album, Desperate, scored her Best New Breakout Artist in 2008. With her EP, Wonderland, and a slew of singles under her belt that have all charted on iTunes Singapore, Haneri is currently based in Los Angeles making more music and waves on this side of the globe.

Since moving, she's written and been featured on the track We Don't Belong by EDM legend Dash Berlin, and Silences by power producer turned artist, Kuizz (Malaysia). Both songs have garnered much attention all over the world. Her new single "Feel Alright", claimed spots on viral charts in Singapore and Malaysia.



Identity, and the search for it, has long been a theme for alt artist talker. The name “talker” stems from Celeste Tauchar’s given last name – notorious in her family for being misspelled and mispronounced. Early musical influences ranged from Nirvana to Alanis Morisette to Led Zeppelin. Throughout these formative years, she grappled with mental health and feeling comfortable displaying her true artistic self.

Playing with Frenship had her questioning her own role as a musician, singer, and songwriter, eventually leading to talker’s current project - something she terms “grunge-pop.” A hybrid of her musical influences, “grunge-pop” is heavily influenced by bands such as Nirvana and Soundgarden, but with a more pop oriented sound, borrowing from such artists as Banks and Vérité. For her latest solo project, she collaborated with Dan Sadin (guitarist, Frenship), April Bender (Glassnote), and Phil Simmonds (Jessie J, Eryn Allen Kane). The songs on her EP deal with anxiety, love, fear, and the internal struggle to find an individual identity. As a solo artist, she has played to a packed house at Hotel Café in Los Angeles, The Troubadour, and has been a finalist in Guitar Center’s Songwriter 5 contest.

In a business where brand and persona are as important as the music, talker is authentic in a way that is instantly tangible, identifiable, and relatable.

*Debut EP ‘Horror Films’ Now Out Everywhere*

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Morrison Conway

Morrison Conway is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing his inspiration from artists like Jack Johnson, Dwight Yoakam, and the Eagles, Conway’s style is an original and fresh take that evokes a vintage SoCal country sound.

His latest collection of songs, There and Then, features tracks written over the last several years that draw on his nostalgia for what was and an appreciation for what is.

Conway can be found performing at venues like The Mint and The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and also features as singer and guitarist in the LA-based electronic indie rock duo, SAVOIA.

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Tom Sless

Tom Sless is an Americana singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Tom shares a common goal with many in the Golden State of pursuing his version of “The California Dream”; for Tom, that means uplifting others through his music. Through his meticulous songwriting and lyricism, Tom strikes a careful balance between addressing the common hardships of everyday life directly (such as success in your career, starting a family, insecurity with your identity), and embodying the deeply-held belief that anything is achievable, and no goal is too large, if you stay true to your roots and values.

Born on the Jersey Shore, Tom’s sound takes after great singer-songwriters who exemplified the “Heartland Rock” era, including hometown hero Bruce Springsteen, as well as Tom Petty and John Mellencamp. Tom builds off this foundation, and blends together many different sounds into a tasteful concoction, drawing additional influence from The Beatles, 60s rock, modern country, vintage jam, and alternative indie, crafting songs with sweet hooks and delicious instrumentals.

Tom continues to refine his vintage Americana sound, channeling his deepest inspirations (The Beatles, Eagles, Tom Petty, Zac Brown, Eric Church, Grateful Dead) with his band, “Tom Sless and the California Dream”. During Summer 2019, Tom began work on his first full-length album, which he looks forward to releasing in early 2020.