In an effort to share more heart to heart experiences with the people that make up our lives to those who surround it, I’ve created an intimate concert series fueled by love, honesty, respect, and self-discovery. This is a space where songwriters can share their songs, their stories behind them, and themselves with fellow humans because too often do I find people (myself included) believing that their own emotions are irrelevant. No one should be shouting into the void we call social media, expecting a grand solution or validation…we should be sharing our human experience with one another. We must cultivate meaningful, soulful, relationships through human interaction in this age of social media.

Part of the proceeds of each concert will be donated to Safe Place For Youth in my hometown, Venice, Ca.


“Here’s to the stranger who knows your darkest secret, and not your name, to the girl down the hall that just needed your hug to feel okay, and to boy that bought you a drink and asked to hear your life story. We should be sharing our lives with others because that is the very nature of human experience. I know it can be hard to let the world in...

So I’ll go first."

-Monica Aben, Founder



Why Sweatpants?

Firstly, I think we can all agree on how much we love, maybe even need sweatpants. They’re comfortable and being comfortable (physically and emotionally) is a luxury that we are so quick to forget. Secondly, I was never really into performing in venues, because I wanted to get to know the audience with whom I was sharing the experience.  I loved sharing my stories with the crowd as much as I loved singing my songs... And so The Sweatpants Series was born! I want people to feel comfortable, and what better way to do that, than to make sweatpants/loungewear the highly encouraged dress code. I knew I had to create an environment where a group of human beings can talk, share, and relate to each other no matter where they are in life. Everyone says growing up is hard, yet we spend our entire lives doing so. Those feelings of insecurity and self-doubt never go away, they just evolve. We need to be there for each other as a community. Sharing your stories and yourself with others is hard to do, but incredibly healing.


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